Hello and welcome to the Clever Wookie's Web place.


You're sure to notice that it's a rather humble affair and no doubt in time it'll become more sophisticated; more bells and whistles, but for now just enjoy the peace of mind that is born out of all things that are, in life, simple!


First and foremost we are an incentive company.  We search, create, and supply incentives that are mutually beneficial to all concerned  - but make no mistake, an incentive is just that and will always be born out of some sort of commercial context or reference so please understand although you'll get a lot, you might have to give, even just a little, in return.


If you are here with regards to the accomodation offer all you have to do is click on the "Accommodation Offer" button, and then either phone us for a chat or submit the Booking Form, and we'll get right back to you to answer any questions, confirm availability, and get that week booked.


See, simple...!